Sofie Wikström



Tell us something about yourself! 
 I'm Sofie, a 31-year-old professional artist, who currently works for a Swedish game company called Station Interactive. At the Station, I work as the Lead Artist, which means I manage a team most of the time, but when I'm not hunting my co-workers with the hammer of justice, I also draw various concepts and illustrations. On my time off, I usually draw, sew or bake cakes. 

What kind of art do you usually draw? 
If given a choice, it's always going to be characters. My work makes me delve into different areas though such environments, user-interface and logo design, etc. 

What got you interested in working with the Anxiety anthology? 
I normally don't participate in zines and the like since my job keeps me busy enough, but I've struggled with anxiety for almost six years now, and it still is, and probably will be, a part of me for the rest of my life. I've always been interested in expressing my anxiety through my art, but it doesn't come to me naturally, since I often draw inspiration from things that make me happy. So I had to force myself to participate in this. While my piece didn't turn out very angsty, it still reflects what I've been through and how I live today. 

Tell us a little bit about your piece for the anthology! 
For my piece, I wanted to focus on the invisible part of the disease and how most of us suffering from it can seem okay on the surface whilst struggling on the inside to even make it through the day. Anxiety changes most aspects of how you live your life, but the most prominent ways it changed me was: 

 - Crippling lack of inspiration and creativity 
- Irrational fears of strangers and situations where I'm forced to interact with them
- Permanently changed relationships with friends and family

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