New year, new anthology!

Happy 2019!

It’s a new year, and time to start planning a second anthology in the Invisible Illness series. Since the first book on anxiety was a success thanks to our backers, we’ve thought long and hard on how to approach the second anthology.

We’ve decided it’s up to you.

Yes, you! Our potential backer and supporter, who better to decide what should we tackle next in the vast and misunderstood world of invisible illnesses? Would you like to have an anthology on depression? OCD? Eating disorders?
For February, we’ll be taking in opinions and commentary from everyone on what you would like to see the next anthology tackle, and in March we’ll run a poll to see which is most popular to decide to theme for the next volume!

And as always, you can always ask us anything if you have any questions or concerns.

Artist & writer sign up will begin later in the spring once we’ve settled on a topic.

We’re eagerly waiting for your thoughts,
Memo & Sofie