Artist of the Day: Kathleen Bergen!



Contributed 6-page comic to Depression anthology

Tell us something about yourself!

Hey there. I'm Kathleen, an artist from Canada, and I have too many books.

What kind of art do you usually draw?

I tend to jump around trying different things in my art practice, but at the moment I'm mostly doing comics and illustration. I've been working with watercolours, inks, acrylics, coloured pencils, and some gouache. I like monsters, fairy tales, nature, and storytelling.

What got you interested in working with the Depression anthology?

Depression is a heavy and lonely experience. I think projects like this one are so important because they bring people together into this shared experience. Depression tells you that you're alone and flawed and wrong; but sharing stories and experiences disproves that. We're all struggling through this life together.

Tell us a little bit about your work for the anthology!

I've dealt with depression and anxiety for most of my life. This comic is an attempt to put my experience into a linear, fairy tale inspired story. I find emotions can often seem huge and formless and that becomes very overwhelming for me. Putting my feelings and experiences down as images, giving them a face, makes them seem less frightening.

That’s all really cool! Where can we find you?




Introducing JDominique37 !



Wrote 2 pages for Depression anthology

Tell us something about yourself!

Hi! I'm a twenty-one-year-old girl, and I live in the US. Other than writing, I also enjoy anime/manga and snuggling with my cat.

What do you normally write?

I normally write fantasy novels for young adults, but I also enjoy fanfiction, short stories, and poetry.

What got you interested in working with the Depression anthology?

Depression is something that nearly my whole family has experienced, and although my situation isn't unique in the slightest, it's something that I think more people should understand.

Tell us a little bit about your work for the anthology!

This piece was originally written for a creative writing class where we were tasked to write a non-fiction piece that was "worth sharing." Although I'd never shared my depression with many people other than family, I felt like this story was the only thing that I could really offer up. When I ended up sharing it with the class, most of them had positive and sympathetic responses. Someone even cried!

This was originally longer, but I cut it down for the anthology. Basically, I try to convey some of the feelings that come with depression and anxiety and how sometimes, it's okay to put yourself first. And that what other people might define as being selfish or you being a failure just isn't true.

That’s all really cool! Where can we find you?

I'm not too active on social media, but I do post some of my fanfiction here

or you can always email me at

In today's spotlight: EylianaStudio!



Submitted an illustration for Depression anthology

Tell us something about yourself!

I go online by the handle of Eyliana and currently reside in the Netherlands. I work full-time as an engineer, and do art on the side. I work with traditional media, mostly watercolors and oils.

What do you normally draw?

I do nature themes that I combine with fantasy elements and female characters. I'm currently working on an illustration project where I embed dragons in various landscapes.

What got you interested in working with the Depression anthology?

I think a lot of people, especially young people, struggle with depression, but most of the time it doesn't get recognized or gets just ignored. I think it is important to raise awareness for these issues so more people dare to talk about it and can get help.

Tell us a little bit about your work for the anthology!

My piece is about the feeling of being lost, of not knowing where to go and what steps to take next. It depicts the fear and the uncertainty that is felt during depression.

That’s all really cool! Where can we find you?

My website


Introducing Emilia Crowe



Contributed 1 poem to Depression anthology

Tell us something about yourself!

Hey! I’m Emilia, an artist and writer! I do acrylic and watercolor painting, fiction writing and in the case of this book, I wrote poetry!

What do you normally write?

I generally write poetry, short stories and fanfiction. My favorite pieces to write are bittersweet, with a hopeful undertone. Someday, I hope to publish a book or two!

What got you interested in working with the Depression anthology?

I first came across the anthology on a blog that listed places seeking writing submissions, and was immediately interested. As someone with depression, anxiety, and ADHD, I think mental illness is a running theme in a lot of the things I create, so the chance to participate in a project specifically about that definitely captured my attention.

Tell us a little bit about your work for the anthology!

My piece is a poem, titled Bloom. I actually had another poem saved in my drive that I was originally going to submit. It was a very angsty, doom-and-gloom sort of thing, probably written on a night where I wanted to sink my nails into something, be it myself or the world in general. But the day I was actually going to submit my poem was a good day. It was one of my rare days where I felt energetic, excited and hopeful, and I realized that THAT was what I really wanted to feed. So I wrote Bloom, as a kind of promise to myself and anyone else reading: that it’s the things we tend that grow, whether they be good or bad, and in this poem I tend to the good in me.

That’s all really cool! Where can we find you?

My writing can be found on Tumblr, and my art can be found on Instagram.

Today's interview: Berneri Returns!

Whoa, we’ve been live for a day, and we’re already at over 25 backers!
That’s crazy! Thank you so much!! ♥

Please keep an eye on our Kickstarter for the Depression anthology here!
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And with those thanks out of the way, the interview of the day is for a returning artist from the Anxiety anthology, Berneri!



Returning artist from Anxiety anthology; 1 page & tote bag design in Depression anthology


What made you want to come back to work on the Depression anthology?

Professional zine handling from the editors and again the topic is very close to my own life.

What kind of art do you draw normally, or have you been involved in other artistic projects than Invisible Illness lately?

I have as many as styles as there are different kind of days in my life. I haven’t been in other projects really, but this kind of style was perfect for this anthology in my opinion.

Tell us a little bit about your work for the anthology!

It tells about overwhelming negative feelings you might feel like drowning in. Negative feelings that might feel like tar.

That’s all really cool! Where can we find you?

I go by Berneri or Bberneri almost anywhere I am active.



II: Depression Kickstarter is live! + Interview of the day: Aba Panford


We’ve launched our 32-day Kickstarter campaign for Invisible Illness: Depression today! Please back us so we can bring this book to everyone around the world and shed some light on what depression is like!

We’ll also be hosting our daily artist spotlights as we did during our last Kickstarter campaign! Each artist will have their interview archived within our Artist Index. ♥

Today’s artist is ABA PANFORD!


Aba Panford

1 page; fictional writing

Tell us something about yourself!

Hello! My name is Aba (pronounced A-buh ). I am a writer from New York who has a love for reading and writing prose, poems, and short stories.

What do you normally write?

At the moment, I have been writing a lot of prose and poems. However, I do also write short stories from time to time.

What got you interested in working with the Depression anthology?

Well when I saw this via the PaperCatPress newsletter, I saw this as opportunity to do two things: 1) put my writing out there and 2) write about something I can relate to.

Tell us a little bit about your work for the anthology!

My piece is about my own experience with depression and how it affects my life. This piece also refers to how depression has affected my mood, specifically the will of hope. I personally feel that without that feeling of hope, things can feel like they are beginning to crumble. However, with all this going on, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for things to get better. This is what I chose to convey with my writing.

That’s all really cool! Where can we find you?


Test Copy is out! Kickstarter?

Hey all!

As some of you might have noticed, we received our test print in the mail today and have been sharing some quick flip throughs and pictures of the upcoming Depression anthology! We’re absolutely stoked, it’s looking amazing!

Currently us editors are working hard to try and launch the Kickstarter for Depression in October, so keep your eyes peeled! We will also be updating our website daily with introductions and interviews on our new and shiny crew for Depression, so do stay tuned! ♥

- Memokkeen

Editing the Depression anthology is under way

Woah, been a hot minute!

Just a quick update that we extended our original deadline by two weeks, and have received over 70 pages of content from 31 artists around the world! Artists from 13 different countries, including newcomers such as Italy, Slovenia and Zimbabwe! We’re very pleased and proud of the assembled talent for Invisible Illness: Depression. ♥

Us editors are working hard to edit the creators’ works into a high quality anthology that paints a picture of how depression looks and feels around the world. We’re currently sending emails back and forth between the creators to make sure we do justice to everyone’s individual work, as well as shuffling content around to try make the anthology as a whole as pleasant a reading experience as possible (especially so when our topic is as heavy as it is). This is a lot of work, but we’re holding to a good schedule and hopefully will have a test print of the book sometime in August!

We thank everyone for both their participation and our supporters for their continued interest!
Next update should be sometime August or September for launching the Kickstarter, so save up some money to buy an amazing book that’s been made for a good cause!

Kind regards,

Applications for II: Depression are now open!

Hello there!

So after many weeks of work and thinking things over, we’ve laid down the ground work for Invisible Illness: Depression.

We’ve created a Google Document with all the information you need to participate as an artist or writer for Invisible Illness: Depression. Please click here to read all the terms and conditions involved.

To quickly summarise:

  • There is no particular style, quality or experience required to be chosen. Anyone can apply!

  • We accept “anything printable” - art and writing!

  • We’ll be accepting submissions from today (May 5th 2019) until June 24th 2019. Under certain conditions, submitting old work (not specifically created for this anthology) is acceptable.

  • Payment will be in form of a free copy of the book, with reprinting rights, plus anything we possibly receive by over-funding via Kickstarter.

Please read through the Google Document carefully before sending in your submissions, or emailing us for further questions. You’re also more than welcome to join our Discord server, open to the public for the first time.

Looking forward to seeing your work,
Memo and Sofie