Editing the Depression anthology is under way

Woah, been a hot minute!

Just a quick update that we extended our original deadline by two weeks, and have received over 70 pages of content from 31 artists around the world! Artists from 13 different countries, including newcomers such as Italy, Slovenia and Zimbabwe! We’re very pleased and proud of the assembled talent for Invisible Illness: Depression. ♥

Us editors are working hard to edit the creators’ works into a high quality anthology that paints a picture of how depression looks and feels around the world. We’re currently sending emails back and forth between the creators to make sure we do justice to everyone’s individual work, as well as shuffling content around to try make the anthology as a whole as pleasant a reading experience as possible (especially so when our topic is as heavy as it is). This is a lot of work, but we’re holding to a good schedule and hopefully will have a test print of the book sometime in August!

We thank everyone for both their participation and our supporters for their continued interest!
Next update should be sometime August or September for launching the Kickstarter, so save up some money to buy an amazing book that’s been made for a good cause!

Kind regards,