2nd anthology topic has been chosen!

Hello everyone!

Thank you to all for voting on the topic for volume 2 of Invisible Illness. We allowed everyone to vote based on topics suggested by our backers for two weeks, and we got over 100 votes!

The winning topic with over 40% of all votes was Depression.

So our next anthology will be called Invisible Illness: Depression!

Artist and writer applications are estimated to open late April or early May, and we will be also posting our guidelines for applying then. So keep an eye out!

Remember, the Invisible Illness brand is not about any specific style or skill level. More important than style or skill is conveyance of your message! We are also more interested in having colourful and varied representation behind each piece - to work with us, it is to your benefit to be from a minority group or an obscurer-than-the-US -country. But more on this and other details next month!

Thank you for the continued interest in our project!

Kind regards,