Contributed to: Invisible Illness: Anxiety - Pages 22 & 84

Tell us something about yourself! 
My name is Mellanie Chafe, better known online as Luniara, and I am the same age as my big toe and older than my teeth. I work as a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer in Deerfield Beach, Florida. When I am not being an artist, I am a full-time Mommy of a toddler and two cats.

What kind of art do you usually draw? 
I have never been able to place my art into one single category, but if I had to place my style somewhere, it would be the love child of anime and western art. I work mainly in digital platforms, but will often indulge in traditional work when time allows. I prefer going with the flow with what I draw and never have a particular theme.

What got you interested in working with the Anxiety anthology? 
My relationship with anxiety is a long one, one I wish I did not have to endure. I grew up never truly knowing what was wrong with me and the feelings had only gotten worse. I lost my older sister when I was 15 years old to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Since then, my nerves have always been a mess. I went for a very long time without any psychological help. Even now, I still struggle despite having the tools to cope. What got me interested in working with this anthology was the fact that I would have the opportunity to illustrate those emotions and feelings. Expressing my emotions and life through my artwork is what helped me get through the hard times in my life.

Tell us a little bit about your pieces for the anthology! 
At the time of illustrating my piece, I had been in a rather dark and lonely place. I had recently had very important people in my life hurt me, which sent me down a spiraling path of anxiety and disconnections. It felt like knives stabbing me in the back and I couldn’t get them out no matter how hard I tried. The other piece I contributed was actually an Inktober challenge I made last October, tweaked for the anthology specifically.

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