Felicia Bremin

Contributed to: Invisible Illness: Anxiety - Pages 20, 26, 34 & 38

Tell us something about yourself!  
I'm an artist from Luxembourg, and I've been drawing digitally since 2011! I am trying to get into an Animation University in Paris this year!  

What kind of art do you usually draw?
I draw canine creatures, dragons and humanoids. I love to experiment with color, and enjoy depicting dark and gritty images in a fashion aesthetic. Thus, the pieces I made for this anthology were extremely enjoyable to draw.  

What got you interested in working with the Anxiety anthology?
Anxiety, I feel, is quite a common thing in everyday-life. From big worries about your future, to small ones about making phone calls and other "adult things". Putting all that anxious energy into an artwork has often helped me to calm my thoughts, or even put things into perspective. Drawing is my meditation and so much more. Therefore the best I hope for is to connect with other people over these common sensations of anxiety.  

Tell us a little bit about your pieces for the anthology! 
I aimed to depict various themes of what causes me anxiety. The unknown, things that are new, unfamiliar, foreign, that take you out of your comfort zone. The feeling of being helplessly overwhelmed, your brain just blanking out, the feeling of everything coming to a stop. And finally, probably the culprit of the entirety of all the ones already mentioned; the fear of making mistakes, failing, being wrong, or simply not good enough. And I believe the first step the overcoming your anxieties is to be aware of them. 

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