Zuleika bostel

Contributed to: Invisible Illness: Anxiety - Pages 73-74

Tell us something about yourself! 
Hi there! My name is Zuleika AKA Meozu, and I am currently a full-time uni student living in New Zealand. Illustration is my first love, hoop dance being my second, and cats coming in at a close third.

What kind of art do you usually draw? 
My interests lie heavily in fantasy and character design. I especially love drawing the female form, and channeling expression through it. My style is a mix of east and west, having evolved from anime/manga roots.  

What got you interested in working with the Anxiety anthology? 
The theme means a lot to me, and is a recurring discussion within my own art.  

Tell us a little bit about your piece for the anthology! 
I wanted to represent anxiety as a weight, and not as a monster. The point I want to highlight is that it is something that one can work around, and that it's not something that controls or defines someone. I chose to have the water and creatures represent the feeling of anxiety, pushing down on someone that only has one dangerous source of air. The figure is alone and alienated from the surrounding scene.  

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