Sam neukirch

Contributed to: Invisible Illness: Anxiety - Pages 45-47 & 78, preface artwork

Tell us something about yourself! 
Hey, I'm Sam! I'm an illustrator who draws themselves as a small chicken, and who collects pinback buttons, mugs, stickers, keychains, and all things of Luigi from Super Mario.  

What kind of art do you usually draw? 
I feel like I'm kind of all over the place, but I primarily like line-based work. Some of my favorite things to draw include skulls, eyeballs, dripping goo, cutesy stuff, and doodles of Sonic the Hedgehog. I also do a lot of sketchbook work that's either figure drawing or location drawings.  

What got you interested in working with the Anxiety anthology? 
Anxiety has been an issue that I've had probably forever, but came to accept and try to tackle in adulthood. I wanted to express my experiences through drawing, and the anthology was a good outlet for that.  

Tell us a little bit about your pieces for the anthology! 
My comic was one I wrote as a draft to submit to a prior zine I didn't get into - I'm glad that this anthology came around as a good excuse to push me to do it. Comics have always been something I'm passionate about, but my anxiety and fear from lack of experience have stopped me from just doing it. I hope this is the first step in a long journey of doing comics. 
The illustration is a bit of a metaphor for working through my anxiety & depression through medication, and also a blatant excuse to draw dripping body horror for fun.

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