Contributed to: Invisible Illness: Anxiety - Page 21 & Cover Art

Tell us something about yourself! 
I’m Henna, in my late twenties, a graphic designer & illustrator from Finland.

What kind of art do you usually draw? 
I’ve been mainly a digital artist for the last 13 years, but recently I’ve gotten back into traditional media and wish to pursue it further (without forgetting digital art either!). I enjoy painting sort of semi-realistically and adding a touch of symbolism and/or surrealism in my works.

What got you interested in working with the Anxiety anthology? 
I’m just really happy to take part in a project that has an important message and deals with a subject that is also very familiar to myself.

Tell us a little bit about your pieces for the anthology! 
I created two pieces that show different aspects of anxiety, and for the first one (the girl with the phone) I used my own experiences about anxiety relating to all kinds of communication, specifically calling & receiving calls, and for the other (that ended up becoming the cover!) I asked my friend about her experiences with social anxiety; especially about the feeling of being judged by others, everyone having their eyes on you, watching your every move. I also wanted the works to look good together, so I chose a color palette that would work with both, and so red and blue ended up being the main color theme for both of them.

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